Major Firmware Update Announcement: Introducing Compatibility with Mega CNC

We are thrilled to announce a significant firmware upgrade that will enhance the performance and capabilities of your Megacell chargers. This upgrade is a part of our continuous effort to provide you with the best possible experience and to ensure that our products meet your evolving needs.


Introducing Compatibility with Mega CNC

Our latest firmware has been designed to work seamlessly with the open-source Mega Command and Control (Mega CNC) software. This integration brings a host of benefits, especially when Mega CNC is installed on a Raspberry Pi 4. Not only does this setup allow for a separation from your desktop machine, but it also enables your system to run 24/7 with minimal power consumption. To facilitate this, we are offering ready-configured kits, which include a Raspberry Pi 4 with Mega CNC pre-installed, available for purchase on our website: Raspberry Pi 4 Starter Kit with MegaCNC Pre-installed.


Mandatory Firmware Update for Mega CNC and Megacell Regular

Please note that this firmware update is mandatory for those planning to use the Mega CNC software with the old version of mega cell charger. It is compatible with all Megacell chargers (excluding 3D-Printed version). We are aware that the version with 3D Printed shrouds may require additional adjustments for compatibility with the new firmware. We are keen to understand if there is a demand for this and would appreciate your feedback if you are using such models and are interested in the upgrade.


Support and Feedback

We are committed to supporting you through this transition. For more details about the firmware upgrade and instructions on how to implement it, please visit our GitHub page: Mega CNC Firmware Update

Your support and contributions are invaluable to us. If you wish to support our ongoing development and improvements, donations are welcome via Stripe (Donate via Stripe) or PayPal (Donate via PayPal).


We thank you for your continued support and are confident that you will find this firmware update to be a significant improvement to your Megacell charging setup. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.





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