Lithium-ion Cell Testing Device Megacell Charger PRO Hobby


This device is perfect for small to large scale application for capacity testing and cycle testing on lithium cells with a charging voltage between 3.5V to 4.4V, supporting 18650 cell type by default. Using the XS12 connectors and accessories, you can then support a wider range of cell sizes.

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Megacell Charger PRO Commercial

This hardware contains the second generation of control board developed for improved control over charging and discharging process with extended charging and discharging power. The new hardware allows per slot setting and the use of external temperature sensor for improved safety.



Number of Slots


Power Input

5 to 16V DC


WiFi and USB


Latest OS Updates

Active Cooling

High Performance
Wide variety of options

Which Megacell Charger is right for

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 38.5 × 17.5 × 6.8 cm


No Stand

Load resistance per slot

1.02 Ohms

Discharge Current Range Per Slot

0.1 – 2A


Oled 0.96"

Case Material


Discharge Modes

Constant Current (CC), Constant Resistance (CR), Constant Voltage (CV)

Discharge Range

4.4V – 1V

Charging Voltage Range

3.5V – 4.4V

Charge Current Range Per Slot

0.128A – 4.5A

Current Fall Time

<300 ms in CR, <15s CC and CV

Current Rise Time

<300 ms

Current Accuracy


Voltage Accuracy


Cell Protection

Over Current Protection (OCP), Over Temperature Protection (OTP), Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Reverse Polarity Protection (RPP)

Supported Cells For Onboard Slots


Slot Grouping


Power Input

5V to 16V DC

Power Input Protection

Reverse Polarity Protection (RPP) at DC input side



Active Cooling

2 x 5V 12 CFM Fans

User Input

2 x push buttons for menu operation and commands

Accessory Connectivity

Optional XS12, 6 Pin



Number of slots



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Megacell Charger PRO Documentation

Thank you for your interest in learnign how to use the Megacell Charger!

On this page you will find video tutorials and PDF download Documentation. To control one or multiple devices from a Dashboard, watch video 4 that goes through the installation process of our open source Mega CNC software.

Python library that can send commands and gether data from MCC PRO is also available. Scroll to download section for more info.

Raspberry Pi Pre-Configured or RPI Image

If you purchased our raspberry pi pre-configured or you burned the raspberry pi image we provide, here’s some tips on how to use it.

  1. The megacnc.service starts automatically when raspberry pi boots up
  2. To get the ip of your device, you must connect the device with an ethernet cable to your local network and connect to your router and loog for a host called rpimcc
  3. Using that ip, you can access the Mega CNC application on your browser by typing http://192.168.x.x:8000 . Make sure to replace the ip with the correct one and keep the :8000 at the end


  4. To connect via ssh with putty, you type in the ip of your device and use mccadmin as user and MCCIsTheBest! for password
  5. To perform an update, login with ssh and run the following command: sudo mccservice_update 
Easiest way to get started is with:

Video Documentation Section

There's nothing simpler than watching a video

Video 1 - Standalone use

Video 2 - Connecting Megacell Charger to your wifi network

Video 3 - Firmware update (Only if your firmware is different version, shows when MCC starts)

Video 4 - Setting up the Mega CNC application

Video 5 - Updating Mega CNC using the custom image

Download Section

There's nothing more important than getting easy access to your files

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Lithium-ion Cell Testing Device Megacell Charger PRO Hobby

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